Where highest security matters

Benefit from our expertise in development on security MCUs.

Secure Lifecyle for IOT Products

In oder to achieve effective security for IOT products, it is necessary to incorporate security into their entire lifecycle. We support you in this endavour with our products.

The clockmaker of embedded security

Efficient solutions for the security of embedded systems demand tailored components that engage like the parts of a clockwork.

Cryptography Engineering

We take over for the design and verification of custom cryptographic solutions.

Clear view

When it comes to the safeguarding of legacy systems or new designs, we help you to reach a secure and efficient solution by providing a systematic analysis of the threats and vulnerabilities.

Cryptography and Security

We offer products, consulting, and development in the area of IT-security with the focus on cryptography as a small and specialized company. Based on our long-standing and broad experience we cover a large spectrum of applications, focussing on the protection of resource-constrained embedded systems. We work on all levels: Creation and implementation of guidelines, secure development processes, security design and certification, implementation in hard- and software, and analysis and test of the security features of systems. With our own continuous research activities we remain up-to-date with the newest scientific developments in these areas.