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Support of Security MCUs

In embedded systems with heightened security or performance requirements regarding cryptographic operations, standard microcontroller platforms often cannot be used. In this case, so-called security MCUs come into play. Such microcontrollers distinguish themselves through strong security measures against physical attacks on IT-systems such as side-channel and fault attacks. Furthermore, they typically feature hardware acceleration for cryptographic operations.

cryptosource has extensive experience in the creation of security implementations on such platforms:

  • implementations of smart card operating systems
  • integration of cryptographic coprocessors
  • side-channel and fault-attack secure implementations
  • secure key management
  • support in security certifications

We support you in the choice of an adequate platform, take over the implementation of the security functionality and assist you in a possible security certification of your product.

We also provide an integration the hardware features of the chosen platform into our cryptographic library flea.


cryptosource GmbH has an exhibition at the "Internet of Things" conference on October 19th, 2017 in Munich.


cryptosource GmbH has an exhibition at the embedded world 2017 in Nurnberg, Germany March 21st 2017

At Eurocrypt 2016 cryptosource presents a work about vulnerabilities of the random number generator of OpenSSL May 12th 2016