public key encryption

Public-Key Infrastructures for IOT Devices

Public-key infrastructures based on X.509 certificates allow manifold security applications for your embedded systems or IOT devices. On the one hand, X.509 certificates are a prerequisite for the authentication in the TLS protocol. On the other hand, they can be used for functions such as individual authorization and secure firmware update.

cryptosource possesses extensive know-how and experience in the area of public-key infrastructures and supports you in this area:

  • Our cryptographic library flea implements all functionality necessary for the use of X.509 certificates on embedded systems.
  • In collaboration with our partners we provide the components for the secure initialisation of the devices during the production process.
  • We have available test tools and a corresponding setup for testing public-key infrastructure components with regard to standard conformity (RFC 5280) and security vulnerabilities.


cryptosource GmbH has an exhibition at the "Internet of Things" conference on October 19th, 2017 in Munich.


cryptosource GmbH has an exhibition at the embedded world 2017 in Nurnberg, Germany March 21st 2017

At Eurocrypt 2016 cryptosource presents a work about vulnerabilities of the random number generator of OpenSSL May 12th 2016